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About us


Employees YAMO


It's been over 25 years... I was one of the many young people who saw an opportunity in the growing popularity of PCs and rushed into business at the end of the twentieth century. We started as many did - with a few dollars in our pocket and a lot of enthusiasm. Nobody cared about discomfort, hard work, risk - we had inexhaustible amounts of energy and passion, and every success was like a shot of adrenaline ... There were successes, there were also failures, which we learned from together. We transformed from a reseller to a distributor and in 2007 we moved to the large, own office and warehouse in Piaseczno near Warsaw.

When building YAMO, I was fortunate to meet many wonderful people, who developed the Company with me - many of them have been working with me since the beginning.

This knowledge, passion and dedication of the people who work with me made those few dollars at the beginning grow into a company with an annual turnover of more than 30 million EUR.

A quarter of a century has passed in a jiffy, and we continue to develop YAMO with zeal and passion. And I believe that it will continue for at least another 25 years!

The core business of YAMO is the distribution of computer equipment, components, software, and consumer electronics. But we do not limit the business to IT equipment.

Our activities also include:
• integration of IT systems
• IT services
• manufacture of PCs
• logistics services
• e-commerce

We operate from our own central office and warehouse, with a total area of nearly 3 thousand m2 in Piaseczno. We have three specialized branches - in Bydgoszcz (LED lighting), Katowice (Integration) and Łódź.

There are 80 people employed at YAMO.
The high quality of our products and services has been recognized by the certificate „Transparent Company". We were also the winner of the 17th edition of the European Medal.

We have implemented the standards of ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004.

In 2013, we signed an agreement with the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development and under the Innovative Economy programme we gained support for the implementation of the original project for the automation of B2B processes integrating ERP Yamo and suppliers systems.

With a young, well-trained and experienced staff, we have been providing clients from the business and public sector with the latest and best technological solutions for more than 20 years.

We have a modern, multi-warehouse B2B sales platform, offering a wide range of products and a range of solutions helping our partners to contact end customers.

In the interest of safety and high standard of shipments of goods ordered by you, we use the most modern systems of packaging, which prevents, among others, the moving of goods inside the carton or damage to its contents.

In 2007, the company YAMO took over the company MICROMAN - a specialized IT systems integrator, with a wide portfolio of clients from the south of Poland.

The synergy of Yamo resources and skills of the Microman staff has been yielding results for years, in the form of successive wins, large tenders and contracts for the integration of IT systems.

We have delivered systems and software, among others, to:
• Supreme Administrative Court
• Polish Post Office
• School of Economics in Warsaw
• University of Warsaw
and many other institutions and offices.

Several years of experience, systematically increased knowledge, keeping pace with advances in the IT industry and access to the latest technologies of global manufacturers are just some of the strengths of our team.

We specialize in the sale of equipment and IT support for companies of the public administration sector, business sector and private entrepreneurs. We offer a range of proposals tailored to the particular segment of the market and, above all, the needs and budget of our clients and partners.

Depending on the Client’s needs, our offer is not only the delivery of hardware and software but also its installation and configuration, as well as supervision and maintenance.

REACTOR is YAMO’s project targeted at the retail segment. It is one of the few chain stores that effectively competes with the ubiquitous Internet trade.

Currently, it is 14 stores and an e-shop, which YAMO actively supports by:
• a monthly printed newsletter
• promotional campaigns
• special sales conditions

The e-tail system Reactor is based on the original engine of the company MCCOM, developed by Yamo, and deliveries take place from YAMO’s central warehouse.

Reactor is a successful combination of modern electronic commerce system with specialized showrooms, where a retail customer can get support and professional advice from well-trained traders.

The chain of REACTOR stores has been operating on the market since 2004. Stores of our chain are located in shopping centres and main streets of many Polish cities.

We have prepared two models of cooperation for our partners: Partnership Agreement or Franchise Agreement. Our Partner can be any company or individual person running their own business, regardless of the size of the city or location.

Access to products intended for sale exclusively in our chain, pricing protection, products available on the basis of commission, preferential terms of cooperation with instalment systems, higher discounts - these are only some of the advantages of being in our chain.

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Headquarters: Piaseczno
Address: 05-500 Piaseczno, ul. Okulickiego 26
Tax identification number: 895-150-75-76
Regon: 931068052
Entered into the National Court Register kept by the District Court for Wrocław - Fabryczna, Division VI of the National Court Register under KRS number 0000164789
Share Capital: 1.015.200,00 PLN


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